Customized Pallets

Ongna Wood Products can custom design and manufacture pallets to fit your needs. With our Automated Viking Nailers and our custom assembly lines, we can produce any quantity of pallets that your company may need. Utilizing our in-house cutting department, we are able to meet tight deadlines with a fast turnaround.

ISPM 15 Compliant

Pallets are stamped identifying them as ISPM 15 compliant and are ready for exporting.


Whether your product weighs a few pounds or a ton, Ongna can build a skid to ship your product safely. Our design department will work with you to develop a skid to fit your product so you can transport your product easily and safely.

Popular Pallet Configurations

Below is a list of the most popular pallet configurations customers often request. Our staff has the experience and tools to custom build pallets to meet your unique shipping and storage needs.

  • 2-Way Entry Pallet
  • 4-Way Entry Pallet
  • Double-Faced Pallet
  • Single-Faced Pallet
  • Wing Pallet
  • Notched
  • Drilled
  • Heat Treated/ISPM 15 Compliant
  • Hardwood
  • Softwood

Contact Ongna today at (920) 564-3123 and let us know what pallet or skid we can build for your company!