ISPM-15 Pallets and Crates

Export Crates

Heat treating and export crates Ongna Wood Products is a licensed export crate manufacturer. We ship products throughout the world and are are proud to say we were the first packaging company in Sheboygan County to be ISPM 15 compliant.

Export Packaging Producer

Ongna can design and manufacture a package that will get your product overseas safely. When shipping internationally, it is important to consider all angles to make sure your product gets to its final destination without damage. We will make sure the best materials are used for the job, whether your product or materials are transported by air, rail, sea or road. We have the packaging solution for you.

Heat Treating

Heat treated export crates We have a state-of-the-art heat treating unit on-site that will heat treat up to 600 pallets at a time. Employees have been trained to properly operate the unit to assure all product is ISPM 15 compliant and that all records are up-to-date. Our staff stays current on all export regulations for hardwood and softwood packaging so you don't have to. Timber Products Inspection, Inc. (TP) inspects our plant on a monthly basis to ensure we are meeting all ISPM 15 regulations.

What stamp do I need for my product?

ISPM – 15 Regulations

Contact Ongna today at (920) 564-3123. Ongna Wood Products is a licensed export crate manufacturer.