Custom Crates & Boxes

Custom Crates

Custom designed Wooden crates

Ongna Wood Products designs and builds complete wooden crates consisting of a sturdy base, two end panels, two sides and a top. Our custom crates are built from specific prints for a specific product. Crates can be delivered to your plant in component parts or kitted to fit your plant needs. Crates can be designed for one-time or multiple use.

Crate Design and Engineering

At Ongna, we will work with you to produce your crate while remaining competitively priced. We can either work with your plans or our engineers can draw up plans for your custom crate needs. All options are considered when drawing and recommending raw materials to best fit and protect your product. Our engineers are always willing to come to your plant and review your packaging needs before offering their expert advice.


Custom Wood Boxes for domestic or international shipments

Wood boxes are tough and effective for parts storage, easily movable from area to area in your plant and make plant organization easier to manage.

Custom Wooden Boxes

Ongna Wood Products can custom design and build a box to fit your specific needs, whether it be for in plant storage or to ship a valuable item. Boxes can be built with any type of wood, and can be made for domestic or international shipments. Ongna can fully assemble the box or ship it to you with loose components for final assembly.

Our engineers, combined of 45 years of experience and personal service, will bring you the most economic product for your money. Quality and cost effectiveness remain first and foremost.

Contact Ongna today at (920) 564-3123 to get your custom crate or wood box.