About Us

Ongna Wood Products, Inc.

Ongna Wood Products, Inc., a family owned company, was established in 1945 and incorporated in 1973. We design, manufacture and deliver specialty wooden boxes, pallets, custom crates and skids. For over fifty years, we have been producing quality custom wood packaging products for hundreds of customers, tailoring them to fit their exacting specifications. We currently serve many of the heavy manufacturing companies within a 100-mile radius of our Wisconsin Headquarters.

From Fish Boxes to Custom Crates

In 1945 there was a demand for fish boxes and we met that demand head on. Through the years, Ongna Wood Products continued to meet industry demand whether it was through strawberry boxes, mink boards, soda crates, heavy equipment, or other products that required packaging. Today we mostly deal with manufacturers who produce heavy products such as lawn and garden equipment. With our large modern facilities, we build both domestic and export packaging and are large enough to handle almost any job, yet small enough to work with you at a personal level. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs.